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Chemical immobilization training:

BeWild wildlife veterinary services delivers public training courses for chemical immobilization in Portugal & Spain. The use of veterinary chemical to safely capture animals can be applied to wildlife species, feral animals, livestock and aggressive domestic pets. Since 2008 we have offered over 250 participants from around 30 countries the experience of a life time. Our staff have wide experience with chemical immobilization methods and developing extension modules. For information about upcoming public courses or to discuss tailored courses, please contact us

Zoological Courses:

BeWild have been motivated to run this special hands-on and intensive course in recognition of the need to conserve globally important biodiversity in Southern Africa and biodiverse áreas, which are also hotspots for wildlife diseases and conflict. The increasing number of conflicts and new discovered pathologies and conflict, makes extremely urgent the need for greater expertise in, and greater number of wildlife health professionals to tackle them. Such wildlife health professionals are needed to undertake interventions in the health, welfare and conservation of wild animals to investigate emerging infectious diseases and to ensure human well-being. Participants will carry out a variety of practical and theoretical work, where they are given as many changes of possible to have a hands-on learning experience.


  • Loro Parque Fundación
  • Final Year Research Projects

All revenues raised during these courses goes entirely to our conservation medicine activities, for wild animals conservation, their care and to teach the next generation of conservacionists the most needed conservation areas.

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